The Man.

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Who is Peter?

Part engineering recruiter, part musician, part theologian, part-time Walter Mitty and 100% showman, Peter also happens to share a birthday with the greatest nation on earth.

The Parade.

Sharing a parade no more.

Growing up, celebrations in Peter's family were typically low key affairs. And sharing a birthday with the greatest nation on earth meant that Peter's birthday always took a back seat to America's. If the celebration was any lower key, it would be two octaves below middle C .

The City of Ontario usually combines Peter's birthday celebration and America's with a single parade on July 4th, but having cancelled their parade this year, Peter finally has the day and a parade all to himself.

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The Colors.

A color match made in heaven.

Little did his brother-in-law know that giving this shirt to Peter, would change his life forever. For Peter and this muted maroon and gray, retro style shirt, it was love at first sight - a match made in heaven.

If Peter needed a shirt to wear to the local hipster coffee shop, this shirt was perfect. Just wanting to lounge around at home? He looked no further than this shirt. Time to sweat like a pig chasing a soccer ball? You guessed it. You don't need a wardrobe when you have a shirt that suits any occasion.

They became fast friends, inseparable like tar and feathers. If Peter was David, this shirt was Jonathan.

The Logo.

The Story Behind the Face Behind the Icon.
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The Music.

Lean on Him.


Just tell me what to do!
  • Remember that this is a surprise :)
  • Wear Maroon and/or Gray!
  • Come to First United Methodist Church at 8:15am on Saturday July 4th (see directions below).
    • Park on I Street or Plaza Serena.
  • We will provide balloons, faces on sticks or "pom-poms".
  • We will then organize everyone and walk together to the parade starting point.
  • We will conclude the parade around 9:30am by presenting Peter with a birthday cupcake and singing Happy Birthday.

First United Methodist Church
918 N Euclid Ave, Ontario, CA 91764

What Happened?